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Vintage Rangefinder Camera

Thisoto-quality Vintage rangefinder camera is a practical alternative for exploring the out-of-the-box hunting world of angle and focus, with a non-traditional lens development system and a non-linear lens range, the argus c3 is able to shoot raw files with plenty of room to grow. Finally, its 50 mm coated lens ensures clear and sharp images with all elements spitting out the same level of quality.

Vintage Minolta (Rare) Super A Rangefinder Film Camera-Rokkor 50mm f2 Lens

Old Rangefinder Cameras

This is a Vintage camera yashica mg-1 45 mm lens from japan, it is tested and ready to use. It comes with a case, this yashica minolta zeiss ikon film camera is in fantastic condition with no flaws. It features 10 asa speed controls, a time-of-use format, and a self-timer, this camera was made in world war ii and gives the zeiss ikon lens with 10 x zoom. This camera is a good way for people who desire a Vintage camera but don't want to spend much on it, this Vintage rangefinder camera is a practical way for lovers scouring for a small and effortless to store. This camera was made by the konica-2 i brand and grants an 50 mm 2, 8 lens. It comes with a leather case and is facile to use, it is a minolta al-f camera with an 38 mm f2. 7 regular lens, it is listed at $395.